Why is it Important to Take Breaks at Work?

Why is it Important to Take Breaks at Work

Why is it Important to Take Breaks at Work?

It is easy when you’re at your work to see the hefty to-do list and not give a thought to taking a break. However, research has found taking breaks can be beneficial for your work and yourself. In this blog, you will learn why it is important to take breaks at work. 

Location of a Work Break 

Leave your office space when you are taking your break. If you have the opportunity to be in nature during your break do so. According to studies, outdoors promoting positive moods and reduces negative feelings. Heart rate and muscle tension are lowered within a few minutes when you are in nature. Also, when at least 20 minutes are spent in nature your blood pressure will go down. 

Length of Break 

You may think taking a vacation from work is the only break you need, but even small breaks throughout the day have significant benefits. No matter the length of the break it has the ability to prevent stress, help maintain performance throughout the day, and reduce the need for a long recovery at the end of the day. According to Psychology Today, breaks restore motivation, especially for long-term goals. Breaks allow our minds to renew and strengthen our motivation to reach our goals. 

Determine your Break Time

If your employee is okay with you deciding when your break is take advantage of it. According to scientific research, breaks are better when you determine when the break is taken. This allows you to get up and take a break when needed in the day.

Improves the Memory 

It has been seen that short repeated sessions of learning with breaks increase concentration and facilitate the memorization of new content. This is great when you are learning a new task at work. You will be amazed the more you are able to retain when learning something new and utilizing breaks. 

Reduce Stress

When there are so many items to get done in a certain time period stress becomes heavy. When a lot of stress is going on it can have physical and mental impacts. When you take breaks throughout the day you can relieve and reduce stress levels. 

Improves your Health

Good rest and sleep have a positive effect on your immune system. Rest reduces inflammation and decreases the risk of heart disease. Moreover, on the weekends be sure to take time to recover some sleep and exercise. 

Energy Boosts

Focusing on a specific task can make us feel drained of energy. Our bodies recover when we rest. Power naps of 10-20 minutes can be a great way to feel revitalized and keep going throughout the day. 

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