5 Ways to Build Workplace Relationships

Workplace Relationships

5 Ways to Build Workplace Relationships

Having good relationships with coworkers makes working more enjoyable. Not only do relationships with colleagues assist with networking, but more importantly they offer you guidance and encouragement, which you need to succeed in any role. Building positive relationships in your workplace can seem out of the ordinary for some. However, even if you aren’t sure how to transition coworker relationships into positive workplace relationships, try using these 5 steps:

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before diving into new workplace relationships, it can be beneficial to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Working on relationship skills such as communication, active listening, and problem-solving can help you when initiating workplace relationships. Assess yourself and notice the positive things you bring to workplace relationships and consider improving the traits you haven’t achieved.

Time to Develop Relationships

Developing positive relationships in the workplace takes time. The endless projects and to-do lists can interfere with interacting with colleagues. By scheduling time to develop relationships, you will find it easier to converse with your coworkers. You may schedule a time during lunch, right when you get to the office, or as you are wrapping up the workday. It is popular for employers to plan after-work events, which can be great for team bonding and getting to know one another. 

Appreciate Each Employee’s Role

Appreciation goes a long way when it comes to building relationships. It is hard to understand the challenges and problems in a different department. When we don’t understand someone or a situation we can develop negative feelings. By recognizing that each department has separate goals and strategies, you can appreciate each employee’s individual role within the organization. When employees all work together in a productive and professional manner, they will develop a new sense of appreciation for colleagues. Thus, leading to a positive relationship. 

Present in the Workplace

There are so many daunting tasks and projects going on throughout the workday, we can often feel like the day flies by. Additionally, it can feel like the only way to accomplish everything needed to be done is to work through lunch, not take breaks, and stay isolated. These tasks prevent you from being present. In a study by Hyland, he looks at mindfulness in the workplace and how using mindfulness can improve awareness and decrease stress. When you are present and pay attention to those around you, you are able to build relationships. 

Keep Your Commitments

When commitments are kept, trust is built. You will likely develop real relationships when team members know they can rely on you. If you are asked to complete a task and aren’t sure you can get it done by the date given, speak up. Don’t commit to finishing a presentation if you know there is no way you can complete it. It is always best to set realistic expectations. 

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