The Executive Park at Pheasant Ridge Offers the Best Seats in the Roanoke Valley!

For the first time in years, the Executive Park at Pheasant Ridge has office space available to lease. The buildings within the park offer completely customizable space so you can create an environment that best suits your business.


Office Specs

Square Feet: Each building has a gross area of 39,120 sq. ft. and a basement parking level of 13,040 sq. ft

Exterior Walls: Brick veneer and some stucco treatment decorative panels

Roof: Architectural grade fiberglass shingles on a 7/12 slope roof with plywood underlayment on a two-foot center wood truss rafter system. In the center is a recessed flat service area for HVAC equipment.

HVAC: Split zoned gas-fired heating and electric air conditioning with multiple zones per floor.

Plumbing: All floors have two five fixture baths and a utility room.

Elevators: Each building has two, 2,500 capacity Dover passenger elevators.


The elevation of the office park offers a commanding view of the area and a highly visible location from the roadways. Pheasant Ridge Executive Offices are located off of Route 220 that runs concurrent with I-581 and connects to Interstate 81 and south to Greensboro, North Carolina. We are also located along the proposed route for Interstate 73.

Convenient to the new Hilton Garden Inn being built at nearby South Peak, Roanoke-Regional Airport, Hunting Hills Shopping Plaza, Honey Tree Day Care Center, Dry Cleaners and several restaurants. Minutes away is Tanglewood Mall with upscale shopping and many fine restaurants.

Center map
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